For the sake of sustainability, it is advisable to invest money in furniture that can last long. Consider a piece you’ll continue to love and can be used for a long time.

A children’s room does not always have to be equipped with pure children’s decoration and children’s furniture. Often they give joy to the child only for a few years. Quite honestly, adults might influence the children’s taste in furniture at least at a young age. If the offspring then no longer feel like having the equipment you bought, you can confidently incorporate it into your own interior concept. In the best case, they take it with them when they grew older, and move it into their own new apartment.

Of course some things, such as baby cots and high chairs, will have become obsolete and will be given away, sold or inherited (for particularly valuable pieces.) Many baby changing tables have a removable pad. You can then continue to use it as a chest of drawers. Baby bathtubs can be used in the second life for example as a bathtub for our four-legged friends or for a foot bath.

It goes without saying, that the safety of the child comes before all aesthetic aspects. For example, floor lamps, planters, glass and ceramic decoration should be avoided. Likewise, fuzzy wool blankets and pillows, or thin, slippery runners. Furthermore, hanging wall lights, especially next to the bed are dangerous because of strangulation danger. The unattended baby could chew on the cable and maybe even gnaw it through with the first teeth!!


Kinderzimmer, colorful, furniture, nursery, Personal Issue

lamp- Ferm Living 257€, stuffed animal jellyfish- Ferm Living 27€, sofa- BePure Home 799€, round stool- BePureHome 79€, cot- LEF collections 229€, blancet- Sebra 59,95€, wood hippo- von HK- living 149€, cushion beige/ purple velvet- made 15€/ 25€,  elephant- Smallable, motel- Candylap


Kinderzimmer, nursery, botanical room, plants, Personal Issue

monkey hanging lamp- Seletti 295€, closet- LEF collections 429€, round stool- BePureHome 79€, graphic exotic print- IXXI 240€, two-colored basket ( set of 3)- HK- living 149,85€, picture and swing sheep- RH baby&child, horse- Hèrmes 980€, wood blocks- Etsy 10,10€, carpet striped- Bloomingville 44€, rose-colored carpet- Linie Design 279€,


Kinderzimmer, nursery, princess room, girls, pink, Personal Issue

carpet- HK- living 109€, hanger- Sebra 11,95€, paravent- Gucci 27.000€, clothes basket- Etsy 171,73€, Llama Collection, stool and kitchen


Kinderzimmer, nursery, adventure room, children, Personal Issue

lamp- Anne Lighting 139,95€, wooden chest of drawers- HK- living 399€, striped carpet- Storebror 97,95€, blanket- Storebror 169,95€, white banner with bear imprint- Ferm Living 20€, rugbyball von Anne- Claire- Petit 39€

It’s all personal.