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What to do on a cloudy windy day during vacation?

Taking pictures in the yard! It was actually really fun to shoot each other because the wind was blowing so hard that our hair was swirling out of control so it was almost impossible to get proper pictures.

Chanti is wearing an original Hawaiian shirt tucked into a silk skirt. Hawaiian shirts, also called Aloha Shirts are mostly made of fabrics in exotic and happy prints.

Did you Know that the Hawaiian shirt was invented by a Japanese ?

In June 28, 1935 the Aloha Shirt, was first sold in Honolulu and was preceded as “Musashi-ya”, established by Japanese immigrant Chōtarō Miyamoto in 1904. After Miyamoto’s death, in 1915, his shop was revised as “Musashiya shoten” by his son Kōichirō Miyamoto, who sewed Aloha shirt using Japanese Kimono fabrics and sold it first.

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