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The new feminity in fashion is changing the industry and the way how women want to see themselves. I don´t know about  you, however, the shift in the trends in fashion is remarkable – new kind of feminity definitely took its place in heads. I am not starting the topic about what is the new picture of women in terms of global development in details, but let´s say, it has arrived in fashion and we, personally, like it.

Earlier Christian Dior and his “women are flowers” aesthetics and his rival Gabrielle Chanel, who was, let´s say, more practically oriented already started the discussion about the picture of the modern women. However, it was more than 50 years ago, the struggle has never ended. And it probably never will.

What is new feminity nowadays?

Let´s say the majority of women, and we talk in terms of women who have a little bit of time and money to spend for fashion, wanted to be looked as hot and seducing since in the end of 90s and to 2010. Numbers of designers like Roberto Cavalli, Dolce Gabbanna and even Gucci at Tom Ford times, were dressing up women in something short, tight fitted and showing a cleavage. And this was kind of main stream. On the other hand, we had conceptual designers from Japan and Scandinavia, which were clearly oriented on the form, without showing the feminine seducing sides.

Women don´t want to be dolls, Stepford wives, or trophy girlfriends anymore. They want to express their personality. They are more complex than being just hot and have deal with the world at different levels. Furthermore, women want to make their point clear. They don´t want to be just ordinary pretty, sexy or beautiful. If you observe the trends you might noticed that the women of today has become more naturally looking even in fashion editorials, natural hair tones, no-make-up trend. They are groomed yet it doesn´t look over-the-top. And even in terms of plastic surgery natural (even with help) appearance-going-main stream is remarkable fact.

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Who gave us the new feminity?

Nowadays, the fashion trend is going to – covered up /less revealing yet very feminine creations. We have a diversity of designers who work with forms, yet still showing  women as women with their strengths, weaknesses and seducing sides. We definitely have to thank Phoebe Philo at Céline and Stella McCartney, who started to dress women according to their needs and not dressing them up to somebody, who is 24/7 sexy or cute for men.

In my job as a stylist, I was happy to meet women, who are doing amazing careers, having kids and strong personalities and love what they do. They are being adored and loved for what and how they are and not for how they look like. They don´t want and need to wear push-ups, kind of Herve Leger bondage dresses and Louboutins of 15 cm to feel hot. They need clothes to feel comfortable, strong, cool, yet feminin.

Nowadays, personality is a center and individuality is the most desired trend. Understanding of beauty left the point of being perfect and made it´s long way to “beauty is individual and imperfection is the real beauty. That is real freedom on my humble personal opinion. Imperfection is attracting, makes you look twice and pushes the borders. Nobody is perfect. And now it´s time to admit it.

You might want to choose oversize instead of tight and turtle neck instead of deep-neckline dress, midi instead of mini, however it won´t hide your natural individuality. Women stopped thinking that the sexual attractivenes will bring them further and they also stopped thinking that they have to be as men to compete and survive.

Miuccia Prada, one of the strongest opinion leaders in the industry showed a total new world for women. She made a point with her ironic and fresh interpretation of wome´s fashion at the end of 80s. Prada showed the complexity, her women can not be reduced to just being sexy. Nowadays, a bunch of designers are showing the new feminity and developing the whole new world, just to name a few The Row, Marni, Rochas, Lemaire, Jil Sander and Victoria Beckham. Even if Victoria Beckham started her fashion path  with traditional glamour and sexuality expressed in clothes.

If you are interested to get deeper into that topic take a look at the fall winter 2018 shows of Ellery, Haider Ackerman, Dries van Noten, Hermes, Proenza Schouler and Balenciaga.

All in all modern women and new feminity are not denying attractiveness and feminity they just lifted them up to a new, more sophisticated level.

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Text: Elena Shylina

Photos: all from www.Vogue.com