Sugai Kumi – Abraham Palatnik – Joaquim Tenreiro

Sofa by Joaquim Tenreiro 

Flamingo by Abraham Palatnik Brazil 1970

Screen Printing  by Kumi Sugai 1990 Japan

Chair by School of Arts and Crafts 1960 Brazil

Chandelier by Dominici, E. Furio Brazil

Jean Gillon – Paolo Mendes Da Rocha

Tapestry by Jean Gillon 1970 Brazil

Buffet by Unknown, 8 ties 1960 Brazil

Golden Lamp by Unknown

Armchair “Paulistano” byPaulo Mendes da Rocha 1957 Brazil

Giuseppe Scapinelli – Ludovico Diaz De Santillana

Painting by Antonio Carlos Rodrigues “Tuneu” 1973 Brazil

Rosewood Chair by School of Arts and Crafts Brazil 1950

Screen printing byDi Cavalcanti 1965 Brazil

Bench by Giuseppe Scapinelli

Chandelier by Ludovico Diaz de Santillana USA 1970

Zebra – Italy 1960

Percival Lafer – Michele Arnolt – Victor Vasarely

Armchair by Percival Lafer

Rosewood structure chair by Michel Arnoult Brazil

Poster Olympic Games of Munich 1972 by Victor Vasarely 1970 Germany

pineapple jelly silver – Unknown

Dining table by Branco & Preto Brazil 1960


Here are some vintage design furniture inspirations. All of the items are from TEO a vintage design furniture store we visited in Sao Paolo wich also offers a lot of Brazilian furniture designers and artists. We picked a few furniture pieces we really like and made the collage. All available items can be ordered online and be shipped worldwide. Enjoy the “BEST DESIGN FURNITURE INSPIRATIONS” part 1