New years party outfit might be a challenge even for those who is planning in advance. We collected some styling tips to make you look best & stand-out for the party of the year. Furthermore you find last  minute outfit inspiration for different locations, if you are still deciding on your best look. try something unexpected! You don´t want to be the 10th girl in the club wearing a sequined mini body-con dress & sky-high heels?

  • Try an overall or a jumpsuit in rich color and floating fabric
  • dont overload with glitters & sparkles – tons of jewelery, glittering make-up & sequins everywhere – do not let people see a person behind all that sparkles

New Years Eve & the Club

For the celebrations in the club we like the idea of incorporating something with movement in your outfit.

  • try a piece with feathers or fringe – they look amazing on the dance floor
  • go for shoes with stable heels, like platforms or block heels – to dance all night log without pain

New Years Eve & Dinner Party

Of course the glitters & sparkles are a signature look for a New Year party. How to style them last minute? use sequins & metallic fabrics where nobody expects them

  • try a sequined pencil skirt or pants
  • combine metallics with leather or rich fabrics like velvet
  • add some an extra color like classic red for nails or lips

New Years Eve & Home Party

Home party with friends is not a reason for not dressing up

  • arrange your outfit around one standout piece like a great necklace
  • jeans & tuxedo combination is a perfect basic for statement costume jewelery
  • add eye-catching shoes with comfort heels
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fit is everything!

Simple fabrics work their best when tailored. Everything sequined, shiny & metallic looks more sophisticated when loose.

Have a great first party of 2016!

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