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Lyn Slater, was accidentaly pushed to start her blog. Street style photographers took pictures of her outside of the fashion show during New York Fashion week, thinking she were a famous stylist. These pics were published with the signature “the most stylish person”. Real public recognition came 2015 and Lyn was called “generation voice”. She does not follow the typical blogger strategy like “image of the day” and “review of the week”. Her blog is about the systematization of knowledge about fashion from her own perspective.

“I started Accidental Icon because I was having trouble finding a fashion blog or magazine that offered an urban, modern, intellectual aesthetic but also spoke to women who live what I call “interesting but ordinary lives” in cities. Women (like me) who are not famous or celebrities but are smart, creative, fashion forward, fit, thoughtful, engaged, related and most importantly clear and comfortable with who they are”, says Lyn Slater.

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Lyn Slater started her blog 2014 as a response to the lack of blogs or magazines about “adult” style what we sometimes call “best age” fashion. There are a lot of blogs out there about women pretending to be girls. They handle with the topics new fashion and anti-aging procedures. And she is totally right.

You don´t have to be skinny 20-year-old to be a style icon. Actually, in my opinion, you can be a fashionista without having a sense of personal style. Unfortunately it is very often the case.

Lyn Slater, a professor of sociology from New York, is teaching social security at Fordham University has been always interested in fashion. She also took fashion courses at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology). She noticed that there is a big lack of the fashion resources which would meet the demand of her demographic category. Her demographic category not only in terms of the “best age”, but in sense of general aesthetic perception. So she created the niche with her blog for sophisticated and educated best-agers.

I hope you will enjoy the blog about real fashion for real women in their best age, as we did.

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lyn slater, accidentail icon, style icon best age
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lyn slater, accidentail icon, style icon best age