We both love the tomboy style for a casual working day, because we usually don´t want to sacrifice our comfort for fashion. OK we do exceptions for adorable “very special” fashion pieces.

So tomboy style – can be described as borrowed from your boyfriends closet. It´s just almost a perfect choice for a busy day. Being a stylist & personal shopper can be sometimes less glamourous as it sounds. Since our schedule is full with apointments & Berlin is a big city, the form should follow the function.

We thought the coincidence of wearing the same tomboy style for a business meeting is kind of a sign. So we had to take pictures on our way to share it here.

Working a tomboy look – blanket coat in light grey, loose yet not casual pants & top made of more structured fabric adds a necessary doze of serious attitude. Of course you can easily upgrade this look with heels – ankle boots or pumps, but we prefered to keep it comfi, while wearing the most hunted sneaker models – superstar & stan smith by Adidas.