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What is “vyshyvanka” everybody is talking about

Where does vyshyvanka come from? And why everybody on instagram is talking about it? We are happy to give you some info about this trend piece of summer 2016 & a little advise how to style.

Vyshyvanka is a name of Ukrainian embroidered shirt, which is a part of the traditional national costume and has a long history behind it.

Vita Kin, a ukrainian fashion designer, made it a signature piece of her collection. All street style stars like Leandra Medine, Anna dello Russo got immediately crazy about it. No wonder.

Vyshyvnka combines boho with chic, is easy wearable during the hot summer days & looks very fresh.

There are vyshyvankas in different colours & textures. You can have it as a dress or tunika. Yet the traditional one has a white color, is made of linen & the embroidery is done by hand.

If you are on budget check out Zara, Etsy & Co for more wallet-friendly alternatives.

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How to style vyshyvanka

Elena is wearing her vyshyvanka by Mamaika, which she brought from Kiev, Ukraine last year, casual in Berlin & relaxed on Maldives.

Vyshyvanka always adds a touch of boho & looks very laid-back. Probably you wouldn´t wear it to the office.

  • combine it with denim to add a right amount of contrast in structures
  • go for unexpected shoes, like man-alike brogues or your fav old chucks
  • don´t overaccessorize with boho jewelry – vyshyvanka is already a statement enough & you probably don´t want to look as if you were going to a costume party
  • it works also with simple cropped flared pants

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