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We can definitely confirm, that tawny port is the trend color of the fall-winter 2017/18 season.

The specialists of Pantone Inc. traditionally identify the color of the season every year. The Pantone Institute is known for their unique color matching system and is responsible for the colors we see next through the variety of industries like print, fashion, product design, interiors etc.

Last year the professionals from Pantone called greenery, a special yellow-green tone, as the main color of the year. However red grenadine became one of the main colors for fall 2017. Additionally, you might hear that following tints are occupying the color space. Tint of ballet slipper, golden lime, blue peony, butter rum, marina, and autumn maple.

In terms of daily styling for fall, we, as fashion stylist would love to show you how you can implement the trendy color towny port into your wardrobe.

Tawny port is one of the most beautiful and rich colors among other colors of the season assigned by Pantone. It got it name after an alcoholic drink golden port like in the case of red grenadine.

Tawny port is a perfect color for the fall season and can be found in many different collections starting with knitting by Fendi and dense wool by Delpozo to chiffon and lace by Elie Saab and Antonio Marras and beautifully cool and feminine collection by Victoria Beckham.

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towny port, pantone 2018, pantone 2017, trend color
Victoria Beckham, fall winter 2017, tawny port
gucci bag, velvet bag, feather coat, tawny port

What does it mean for your personal styling?

  • Noble and easy-to-use tawny port flatters almost all skin & hair tones
  • It can be styled as a mono look and it works perfectly with the other shades, like dark blue, grey, taupe, nudes and of course black
  • Tawny port gives perfect combination with brighter shades of golden lime, grenadine, bright red, fuchsia, millennial pink and mustard
  • Accessory in this color might have all the chances to become an evergreen in your wardrobe
  • Combination of tawny port and another huge trend of the season – metallic colors as gold, brass and all shades of silver are on point and looks elegant and up-to-date

Tawny port is a strong color yet not so harsh as black and can be a perfect black-replacement for business looks

Get inspired and give the tawny port a try in your wardrobe.

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