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tracking pants, jogging pants, joggers, office
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tracking pants, stripes, office look, berlin


How to work wide jogger-look-alike pants for your semi formal office look?

Mix the wide flowing pants with contrast stripes on the side with your daily office basics. A blue classic long shirt & a basic crew neck pullover are adding a touch of preppy & making your outfit appropriate for the office. While choosing the right pants, go for a fabric which doesn´t look too casual, like silk or light wool. It´s about the sporty look not about going to the gym.

Throw over a woolen coat in a tomboy style. It would bring even more elegance & structure.

Black & white suede sneaker appear not so harsh as smooth leather variants & are perfect for a dry winter city walk inbetween. Of course if you are more a high-heel-person,  you can easily trade your flats for heels. It will work best.

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