Suit is probably on of the most masculine style in women´s wardrobe. Furthermore it is always a statement, because the effect of a wearing a suit by a women is extremely controversial.

Here some interesting facts about the suit.

  • worn with high heels is one of the sexiest piece in women´s wardrobe in men´s eyes
  • if a women wears a suit to a job interview, she would be prefered to the one in a more girly outfit, according to scientitific studies
  • suit is always a more extravagant alternative to a dress for evening events (think Marlene Dietrich, Yves Saint Laurent)
  • easy to style, because great suit doesn´t need an overload of accessories – it is self-sufficient

Personal Issue team choose “suited” look  for one day full of fashion week meetings, events & shows.

Elena (in white) combined her wide legged high waist trousers & loose smoking jacket with classic nude Christian Louboutin pumps. This kind of styling is perfect for evening events, since it´s classy & formal, without being of the top.

Chantal went for a classic dark blue striped Fillipa K suit – tailored slim jacket & pants matched with probably the most worn shoe of the season Stan Smith by Adidas in cream suede. It´s more smart casual version & appropriate for all informal events. Switch sneaker to the great statement shoes & you are ready for all fashion week surprises.

Suit is not a boring office outfit! It´s all about the styling!

You are very welcome to share your looks with us & ask questions.

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