All the eyes of fashion crowd are on Paris catwalks right now, where the last fashion week of “fashion month” is taking place. However the spectacle at the entrance of a fashion shows has become almost the same important. The competition for the attention of street style photographers makes people being extremely creative & cost hours of styling preparations. The result is – a great source of inspiration for designers, stylists, editors etc.

We picked up the trends, we saw on the streets outside the fashion shows, which are fresh & easy to adopt for your own wardrobe. See below & tell us, which you would like to try.


The times when total denim look used to be called canadian tuxedo have passed. Now total denim outfit is the easiest way to show your style competence. Just make sure that denim tones are not too different, add cool accessoires & a smile.

total denim look, slip ons, cropped jeans
total denim look, canadian tuxedo, fashion week, spring summer 2016


Tied sleeves, tied belts & ribbons are definitely the hottest micro trend & easy to follow. Whether it ill be a reserved knot & or a huge bow – it´s up to you. Just keep in mind, that the rest of your outfit should be better minimalistic in color & details, if you want to avoid a girly-girl overload.

grey suit, women suit, fashion week ss2016, street style
yves saint laurent bag


Mixing bright fuchsia color with red tones is a fresh color mix. They work brilliant together. Fuchsia diminish the aggressiveness of red & red reduces frivolousness of fuchsia. The result is a strong & sophisticated combination for a social event. We would advice you to keep your make up & hair natural & don´t over accessorize.

pink, red, color, fashion week, street style
pink, red, color, fashion week, street style, louis vuitton


We all love & wear button down & classic man shirts. These 2 ladies show who to style it differently. Worn in the other way around makes it looking fresh & unexpected. It could be your styling SOS life hack for a spontanous party outfit.

men shirt, different way of wearing button down
shirt trend, who to style white differently


Boho dress is a typical 70s piece. Pattern midi dress is also so versatile & feminine. You shoe choices range from sandals & wedges for summer to sneaker, pumps & boots for chilly days. Boho dress & a knee high block heeled boots combination is maybe not the newest, yet the most feminine & long lasting trend, which fits every women.

70s trend, boho dress, knee high boots, pattern
boots, boho dress, midi dress, how to wear


Sky blue works as a perfect color accent. Steppeed kimono over black pants or dress over denim – you might think that these looks are for more experienced fashion lovers. Yet, it´s worth a try. Just be aware of the proportions – slim fit dress over slim fitted pants & oversize top over slim fitted bottom.

kimono, stepped coat, pijama trend, fashion week ss16, street style
celine dress, dress over pants, trend 2015, adidas sneaker


Ponchos, oversized, blanket-like scarfs & plaid pattern have been accompanied us since last year. If you are on budget, this will be a right investement to update your wadrobe with a single purchase. You might find numerous opportunities to wear it over dresses, leather jacket & coats. Being fashionable without suffering of cold – priceless!

it´s all personal

it´s all personal

fashion week street style, summer 2016
poncho, 70s trend, fashion week, street style, fall 2015