personal ISSUE – Street Style by night

Elena is wearing: Top + Dress by Malene Birger, Bag by Chloé.

Chanti is waering: Dress and Coat by Malene Birger, Bag by Sophie Hulme.

Fotos by Filiz Dubois Make up by: Elena :  )

Street Style Berlin

Fashion Stylists Elena Shylina and Chantal Drywa are wearing the Pre Spring 2016 Collection by Malene Birger. The Online Gazette Personal Issue is presenting a wearable look for the night. By Malene Birger Pre Spring is already in online shops. If you are looking for a nice christmas gift we would highly suggest you to buy the beautiful signature coat of the by Malene Birger pre spring 16 collection. Since it´s a statement piece you should own a few everyday coats already before buying it. Elena Shilynas glittery Dress is definitely one for the night. Street style by night is not hard to do since it´s getting very dark very soon these days. The online Gazette Personal issue is also a Style and creative content agency. We offer to help you with your company style issues to give it a modern, fresh and suitable touch. Never forgetting to highlight your personality and don’t make you feel like wearing costumes as soon its not requested. The team of Personal Issue is producing there content in-house. We all have great experience in camera and retouching work. We also work with Photography professionals such as celebrity photographer Robert Wunsch. His Assistant Filiz Dubois, who is a talented up and coming Photographer took the photos of our Street Style by Night. It´s all personal with Chantal Drywa aka Chanti Chachas and Elena Shylina aka Shylli Pix