We recently had a good talk with 23 year old junior influencer marketing manager Dina Schiller who works for the famous 3STRIPES. As a fashion Stylist I can always count on Dina and Flo to receive dope stuff for my celebrity and influencer clients even in an insanely short notice.

Dina kindly spent her half Saturday with us. Being the most relaxed person, Dina spoiled us with lemonade and coffee and we had lunch together at her favorite lunch place Dolores. In our new section “Fashion Workers” she talkes about fashion study, her job at adidas and her favorite footwear this summer.

fashion workers, dina, yeezy boosts, job at adidas

PI: Dina, we heard some gossip about you saying you didn’t like sportswear until working for Adidas??

Dina: I was just really not so much into sneakers as I am absolutely now (no days without sneakers on my feet yay) – that’s a true thing. But always loved to combine some sportwear pieces.

Pi: A lot of young creatives start to study fashion design with the goal to become an acknowledged and well payed fashion designer.
When and why did you decide to work in another field in the fashion industry and how did you experience fashion school in general?

DINA: Fashion school in genereal is a really great thing, it teaches you how much work there is really behind working in the fashion industry, especially as a designer. I believe it’s one of the hardest jobs ever, cause there is no off time – you are literally working 24/7 cause
The creative mind never sleeps. Besides that, there would be the technical knowledge, PR, Marketing, Financial Planning’s, Material and so on – so much facts you have to take care about having a label. And having this all under control still doesn’t mean you are
a successful designer cause people have to be aware of your brand and actually buy it. As you see I could talk for hours about this – absolute s/o to fashion students and professors, mine teached me really well – even though I quit they gave me so much knowledge on my way!
I did my diploma in international business and was always really into marketing. One year ago I started with my internship at adidas, that was the point where I was truly sure that this is the field I def want to work in. At the end of the internship I got offered this amazing opportunity to
stay and work for the 3stripes.

fashion workers, dina, yeezy boosts, job at adidas
fashion workers, dina, yeezy boosts, job at adidas
fashion workers, dina, yeezy boosts, job at adidas

Pi: How did you find the job and did fashion school prepare you for that Job?

DINA: As simple as it sounds I found the internship through a facebook post, one week later I had my interview at the adidas office in Berlin.
About the preparation yes definitely, one thing for sure they teached me how to dress
No but seriously we got really well prepared for interviews at fashion school – they really were focused about learning us how to present ourselves.
Event though I think you can’t learn everything, the chemistry for the brand you want to work for has to be the right one – it kind of has to be the right vibe.

Pi: How do you see the role of woman in business in general. What did change for good and what could be still better from your perspective?

DINA: I’m 23 so maybe haven’t got the biggest experience in business but from my point of view the role of women in business has changed a lot.
Even when I look around myself, at our office there are working as much women as men. I would say that this is already a big step into the direction of equal status.
Best example, when my boss became a dad he went into paternity leave – isn’t that amazing and a huge development?!

Generally told, I never did not get an internship or job because I was a girl, in times like those it’s really often the experience, motivation and education which counts way more than gender.
Of course this unfortunately doesn’t involve all countries, cities or even branches – but speaking about the 3 stripes, there are even more girls than boys in the global team!

fashion workers, dina, yeezy boosts, job at adidas
fashion workers, dina, yeezy boosts, job at adidas

Pi: You co-created an interesting workout program at the Adidas Run Base in Berlin. Can you tell us more about it?

Dina: Co-created is a big word to say. It was really all done together with amazing people. We have the adidas Runbase in Kreuzberg which is the best place on earth to do workouts, eat & chill.
Having a huge girls focus this year at adidas (back at it again with the women thing )we thought about creating a workout where it’s time for girls to “punch back”.
The whole thing is called Box&Brunch, it kind of explains already everything. We did a workout combined with a boxing session created by Lenny Müller – the best personal trainer ever!
After the 2 hours working out we have a big brunch at the LABkitchen in Berlin by Raw & Vegan Chef Lisa Müller, whatever she cooks it makes you addicted!
We did this every Sunday in May and are planning to continue offering this program, but def all workouts at the adidas Runbase are worth to check them out!
Great trainers, great vibe, great food – you’ll never want to do your trainings anywhere else anymorem promise! Of course the Runbase is for everyone, not for girls only!
If you want to check it out here you go: adidas RUNBASE 

fashion workers, dina, yeezy boosts, job at adidas
fashion workers, dina, yeezy boosts, job at adidas

Pi: Whats your favorite summer spot in Berlin?

DINA: Berlin is so amazing in summer that it’s hard to define what exactly my fave spot is.
Somewhere near the water I guess, wherever I can hang around with my friends and have a chilled time.

Pi: What is the hottest sneaker we should look out for this season?

Dina: Of course it depends what type you are, for me there are a couple of sneakers I can’t live without anymore.
On one hand the classics like the allwhite Superstar or Stan Smith – really love to wear them totally dirty and used (my mum hates it!)
On the other hand I love love love the NMD’s, Ultra Boosts & of course can’t hide my feelings for the Yeezy Boosts.
My favourite summer shoe although is the Adilette – couldn’t live without it in summer!

fashion workers, dina, yeezy boosts, job at adidas
fashion workers, dina, yeezy boosts, job at adidas
fashion workers, dina, yeezy boosts, job at adidas

Thank you Dina!

Interview by Chantal Drywa – personal ISSUE

Photos by Robert Wunsch