Karl is coming home. This year, Karl Lagerfeld has chosen the new landmark of his native city for the fashion spectacle.

Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld will be presenting his “Métiers d’Art” designs for the Chanel luxury house. It will be on Wednesday evening, December 6 in Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie, the Great Hall.

With the “Métiers d’Art” designs, Chanel celebrates the craftsmanship of the studios affiliated with the house. Among them the hatter Maison Michel, the spring maker Lemarié, the shoemaker Massaro or the embroidery house Lesage. Lagerfeld has worked closely with their studios for many years.

For the presentation of the “Métiers d’Arts” collections Chanel always chooses a different location. In the past, it was mostly places that had a special meaning for Coco Chanel. Lagerfeld has proposed the Elbphilharmonie as a venue for Chanel itself. Which is the first time it has a special meaning for Karl Lagerfeld.

It is now speculated about the importance of this location. Coming back to his hometown, Hamburg, after so many years.

Is it his last show? We hope not!...

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